TicketSocket Collaborates with CoinPayments to Enable Cryptocurrencies and NFTs as Payment Mode

TicketSocket recently partnered with CoinPayments to enable TicketSocket customers to use a cryptocurrency and NFTs as well as TicketSocket’s NFT ticketing system – Sell NFT Tickets as a way to pay for events instead of cash. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and ERC20 Tokens can be used to pay for events. Together companies use blockchain technology to provide common payment methods. The integration will follow trends with the help of a model similar to that adopted by Quid POS, a payment provider platform solution.

TicketSocket now accepts all cryptocurrencies available on public exchanges, such as Gemini, Coinbase, and Binance. In addition to this, TicketSocket announces to allow merchants to specify cryptocurrency to receive for their receiving events. In the announcement, CoinPayments CEO Jason Butcher joined in and shared his thoughts. He says, “We want to partner with TicketSocket and demonstrate CoinPayments’ unlimited potential offerings to global merchants. Our robust and seamless solution will allow TicketSocket customers to accept cryptocurrency as a payment method, providing an easy way to trade and access alternatives.

The combination of cryptocurrency in the event plan shows a major shift in B2B and B2C. Significant corporate changes could accumulate large numbers of digital assets in the future. Companies that deal with hard money can also bring in money to increase their digital business. In this case, TicketSocket is finally seeing a positive trend – since January 2022, seven TicketSocket customers have started using cryptocurrencies and NFTs as payment methods. In this way, the company expects its customers and new customers to follow the new payment process faster and faster.

“We feel that this partnership with CoinPayments is extremely timely in the industry as we simultaneously release support for NFT ticketing, this provides our clients with all the tools they need to be successful and stay cutting edge.”

Mark Miller, CEO of TicketSocket, also was heard saying

TicketSocket currently stands as the leading NFT ticket provider among other providers worldwide. TicketSocket’s partnership with CoinPayments now allows TicketSocket customers to sell tickets and include recording of all kinds of events and sizes in crypto.  The launching of the new payment module and solution will enable customers to purchase tickets via Fiat or Crypto and get the chosen NFT. TicketSocket provides this service with a powerful monetary system that provides 100% initial NFTs to customers.

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