Tassat Launches Digital Dollars™ and Real-Time Bank Payment Network

Tassat Group Inc., today announced the opening of the next TassatPay ™ platform that allows banks to offer a stable tracking system called DigitalDollars ™ as well as a real-time payment network. The Passat platform allows US banks to make secure payments to their customers 24/7/365 to private banks and now online banking.

The TassatPay ™ platform is the only full-time blockchain-based investment in the US banking system. To date, TassatPay has generated more than $ 200 billion in real-time payments. TassatPay ™ meets the requirements of banks regulated by the Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCC), the Federal Insurance Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), and the New York Department of Financial Services (NYSDFS). DigitalDollars ™ is sponsored by the banks that use the TassatPay platform e which supports US 1: 1 dollar and is eligible for FDIC insurance investment.

Passat has now expanded the capabilities of TassatPay ™ to allow online banks to pay in real-time. This platform allows all online banks to send DigitalDollars ™ secretly using TassatPay ™ and four DigitalDollars ™. Banks can use the DigitalDollars ™ or other names of their choice.

This website is designed for use by competent and licensed bank members in a secure, complete, and legal environment. Tessa will provide tools and services that enable banks to enhance their communication skills.

With TassatPay ™ and a supported banking website, consumers and other financial institutions all want to offer real-time payment to their customers as well as participate in the fast-growing financial industry. Through banking, DigitalDollars main is fully backed up unlike conventional wallets, banks and their customers have greater security. TassatPay ™ is also designed to use smart contracts, foreign trade, and all digital content.

TassatPay ™ has become a real-time payment system for Signature Banks and Banks and is one of the most respected banks in the US of TassatPay ™ and its new related junk.

“As we have said to many banks and other market participants in the last 12 months, Tasset’s goal is to strengthen American banks, not to replace or compete with them. We are trying to force US banks to fully compete and be governed by new banks.

TassatPay ™ provides bank customers with full and fast payment transactions in a transparent, transparent, secure, affordable, and legal manner. TassatPay ™ and its network integrate seamlessly with existing computers and financial management.
“The TassatPay Banking website facilitates and facilitates every bank’s efforts to serve its customers through better controlled real-time payments,” said Kevin Lupowitz, CEO of Passat & Information & Innovation.

“Through TassatPay, we have seen how bank customers make money by reducing employee loans and payments, deepening relationships with those banks, and increasing savings.” Hire customers and their customers to go to the bank with TassatPay amiseksi to improve type and cost. TassatPay has all the benefits of advertising and offers the opportunity for rapid growth, ”Totaro said.

“As technology and markets grow, banks of all sizes are turning to Passat for the challenges of digital currencies so they can quickly help in ever-changing markets and adopt new practices. Workforce management. Banking,” Lupowitz said.

“We have three strong beliefs. First, blockchain accounting will be the basis for predicting payment and accounting solutions. Second, these solutions must be implemented in the U.S. Tassat banking system and the law that ensures a safe and sound banking system globally. Third, more successful banks compete in the digital world, especially those that are more easily accepted but do not use information technology. “

Key Features of the Tassat Bank Payment Network and Interchange:

• Enabling customers of participating banks to offer their customers real money, lower their prices, deepen their gaps in their banks and increase Tassat bank profits;

• Encourage banks to offer their digital dollars * to support real-time payments;

• Encourage banks to participate in the payment of fees, bonuses, and bonds for the technology and legacy business T + 0; I

• Maintains good contracts, limits payments, and exchange rates, and helps solve digital and fat costs.

The benefits of the new network for banks include:

• Avoid the problem of digital editing by using TassatPay ™, which allows you to connect to traditional systems quickly, easily and quickly;

• Failure to provide customers with real-time payments 24×7, 365 days a year, reducing their complexity and transaction costs;

• Raise salaries to 96% and reduce the need for manual labor (currently 60% of B2B salaries need manual correction in 15-20 minutes); Mum,

• Enables banks to better serve their B2B customers, keep them competitive, and earn $ 23 billion – as well as B2B marketing opportunities.

About Tassat Group

Launched in 2018, the TassatPay® platform is the first bank-based solution overseen by the Treasury Department, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and the New York State Department of Financial Services. As the market leader in real-time payment transactions, TassatPay has invested more than $ 200 billion in transactions. Tessa recently won the Google Cloud Customer Prize 2021 for designing financial services.

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