Quavo, Inc. Announces $6 Million Series A Funding Round Led By Fintop Capital

FinTech Quavo Fraud & Disputes announced that the company has received funding for the A-series circulation led by FINTOP Capital. The completion of Part A is a sign of Quavo’s recent growth and the growth the world alone offers.

Quavo’s claims management provides funding to FinTech and financial institutions selected through non-disclosure to support customer support. The partnership comparison between FINTOP and Quavo is an important milestone in the growth of Quavo’s financial services and its significance for Quavo’s investments and FINTOP. Quavo uses this money to expand, expand and stabilize.

Joe McLean, founder, and CEO of Quavo commented on the value of the investment: “We are excited about our A-Series trip.

“FINTOP hopes this funding will help Quavo’s expand its market access, expand its assets, and increase expertise in the Quavo area,” said John Philpott of FINTOP.

Quavo’s collaboration with FINTOP coincides with the appointment of its official board, which includes FINTOP’s John Philpott and Jared Winegrad. A FINTOP representative supports the company with innovative work and industry expertise.


Quavo is a leading provider of global dispute resolution solutions to financial institutions and FinTech organizations. Quavo offers turnkey automated dispute resolution programs that are fully compliant with Reg E and Reg Z. Quavo’s first software solutions were QFD ™ and ARIA ™. QFD handles fraud and conflicting processes from application to problem-solving. Our artificial intelligence management system ARIA performs search engine optimization in seconds. Quavo also provides add-ons to the QFD program called Dispute Resolution Experts ™, our intelligence service.


FINTOP Capital is a small subsidiary of FinTech companies with offices in Nashville, Tennessee; St. Louis, Missouri; and Morristown, New Jersey. Led by CFOs and the organizations that founded the first successful companies, the company understands the ups and downs of the first world. The company brings strong communications, expertise, and money to entrepreneurs who form B2B-based SaaS services and software companies with FinTech capabilities.

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