Plaid launches A2A payments program

In the wake of a failed takeover by Visa, open banking platform Plaid is making a move into account-to-account payments.

The company has integrated the payment partner environment in North America and Europe – including Square, Dwolla, and Currency cloud – which will integrate Plaid’s network connectivity with their banking payment systems.

This means that companies can increase the option to pay by bank check, with funds released by environmental partners.

Plaid said the savings payments, have been set up at the switching center for digital wallets, to help keep businesses at a credit card expense.

In January, Visa dropped its $ 5.3 billion plan to take over after the U.S. Department of Justice and file a lawsuit to prevent mergers due to competition issues.

DoJ’s decision that obtaining a Visa Plaid would eliminate the threat to his card business as planned by Plaid for his service fee.

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