NatWest acquires pocket money app Rooster Money

NatWest has received Rooster Money a fundraising and education program for children.

Launched in 2016, the Rooster Money app puts money on Visa credit cards and allows parents to calm down if they get lost and stop paying from travel agents. It also provides real-time notification to parents and children of their money and comes with an “offline counter” to let kids know how far they are from using the chip and pin as well.

Parts of the tool include salary texts and reminder messages to help promote the safety of young people more often.

Simon Watson, NatWest Group’s retail bank, said: “We want NatWest to be a simple and efficient bank for families and young people. Rooster has built a clear system and a well-developed market. We are very happy with NatWest’s customers.”

Rooster has more than 130,000 users in the UK and will be released to NatWest customers in the coming months.

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