Mastercard Expands Support of Latin America Real-Time Payments with Acquisition of Arcus

Mastercard (NYSE: MA) today announced the acquisition of Arcus FI, a student of the Start Path program, to help support the delivery of payment responses and other timely payment requests.

With offices in New York City and Mexico City, Arcus helps facilitate payroll and payroll, payment services to other large corporations, stores, fintechs, and traditional financial institutions in the United States and Mexico, as well as expand Latin America. Its branding solution, the Arcus Pay Network, can be found in a wide variety of retailers with direct links and a wide range of billings in Mexico.

The Arcus platform has recently received authorization for payment, satisfaction, and repayments through the Interbank Electronic Payment System (Sistema de Pagos Electrónicos Interbancarios or SPIE).

“Edrizio de la Cruz we started this company to help foreigners as we find an easy way to manage our money and send money home. For almost a decade, we have grown out of what needs to help pave the way for other financial institutions in Latin America. , “said Iñigo Rumayor. founder of Arcus. “We used some of the community ideas, and we built a world-class team with Marc Sacal, who helped us increase cross-border payments to give people more control of their financial lives to our customers.

Arcus helped initiate the use of digital financial solutions in Latin America. Today, the company maintains fast and easy access to savings, graduation, and paid services.

Mastercard Bill Pay Extension

Arcus ’technology, communication, and customer relations will help accelerate the introduction of Mastercard Bill Pay in Latin America. Its current customers offer a wide range of family bills in Mexico and offer links to various payment options through banks, fintechs, and computer currencies. It is this combination that provides the resources for large community financial services.

Mastercard Bill Pay allows customers to view, manage and pay their family and other personal bills from within their system to provide their main financial services. It has long been in banks and credit societies with a network of 135,000 bills in the United States as Mastercard Bill Pay Exchange.

For payers, Mastercard Bill Pay can reduce the cost of sending payment and adjusting invoices and checks, accurately reflect payment status and help them balance payments to customer information. Financial institutions benefit by increasing value in the daily lives of their customers, and they contribute to increased engagement with services. Increase and increase customer engagement.

Arcus Customer Certifications

“Arcus is our premier partner because of its real-time payment technology that enables us to provide instant payment solutions to our customers,” said Jorge Hernández Santoyo, treasurer at Sky Mexico & Central America.

“Arcus is one of the best technical friends for us because of its old-fashioned capabilities, real-time navigation, and Latin American capability,” said Guillermo Vicando, CEO and founder of B in one.

“Arcus is the best friend for us because of its real-time payment technology that enables us to provide instant payment solutions to our customers,” said Karen Iglesias, electrical services and delivery manager at 7-Eleven Mexico.

“Arcus is the best helper for what we need. We can use its innovative methods to provide our customers with paid information on tuition fees and their credit card payments. Get in debt,” said Martin Mexia, chief financial officer. on RappiPay.

“By partnering with Arcus, Cuenca saves time for its customers with an informed, accurate and 100% digital-friendly solution that enables them to participate in mobile applications and pay off various loans.” Bibiana Monterde, who lives in Cuenca.

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About Arcus

Arcus is a platform that allows any business to promote and deliver new solutions to LatAm. Arcus’ job is to pay everyone. The world’s largest and most experienced companies have chosen Arcus to approve and regulate payments across the United States including BBVA, Santander, Walmart, 7-Eleven, and Rappi. Arcus was founded in 2013 by the Y Combinator. Arcus is currently growing its team, with 100+ employees, 100+ customers, and operations in 7 countries in Latin America.

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