KeyBank Acquires Leading Payments Innovator XUP

KeyBank National Association today announced that it has acquired XUP Payments, the B2B digital payment platform.

XUP technology enables easy-to-use, installation and graduation services. Its team of engineers has developed integration and operations, third-party risk tools, customer communications management systems, and other fintech services, allowing banks to provide four more integrated and functional information. Key was a former investor in XUP, and this transaction follows a very successful partnership between two companies that exchanged metrics. Key’s Merchant Payments, accelerated its quarterly growth.

Key will use this technology to add information to its portfolio of business products and further add key combined investment plans. The takeover is the latest in a series of experimental fintech solutions to bring the best-in-class money and banking services to four people.

“We’re excited to join a new member like Key,” said Chris May, President of XUP. “Our state-of-the-art solutions, combined with key qualification and depth of financial expertise, will be closely linked to providing customers with high-quality payment information. Go to the next phase of growth. You have pioneered outstanding technical knowledge in a wide range of products and services.”

Acquiring Key for XUP is the next step for the organization in bringing technological expertise to the forefront. Earlier this year, Key acquired AQN Strategies to improve its analytics capabilities, and in 2019, KeyBank acquired Laurel Road’s digital student credit platform, combining its advanced technology and customer experience. Initially, Key created partnerships with AvidXchange, Billtrust, and among others, providing powerful fintech solutions to clients and prospects.

About KeyCorp

The roots of KeyCorp (NYSE: KEY) are about two hundred years old born in Albany, New York. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Kiyi is one of the largest banking companies in the world, with assets valued at $ 1877 billion as of September 30, 2021.

Key provides security, loans, cash orders, and investment services to individuals and businesses in 15 regions under the KeyBank National Association through its partners Thousand Branch Buildings and approximately 1,300 ATMs. The key is also providing many small businesses and investment products, such as mergers and acquisitions, credit, credit public and private equity, integration, and acquisition of mid-market firms in select firms in the United States under the brand name KeyBanc Capital. Markets.

About XUP

XUP, short for “top”, Bank is a corporate entity that allows financial institutions to resume business information. Our marketing provides uninterrupted relationships between customers, financial services, and customers in every way. XUP combines years of business experience with in-depth payment and expertise to provide products that enhance customer experience. XUP is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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