Inclusion non-profit Colorintech partners with Silicon Valley Bank

Colorintech has announced its partnership with Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), one of the trade unions that hopes to transform Europe into one of the world’s largest professional corporations. Colorintech co-founder Ashleigh Ainsley had an important interview on the recently released partnership.

Colorintech is a non-profit organization that aims to increase the access and participation of young people in the technology world. They do this in several ways, including in partnership with major corporations, including Facebook, Google, and marketing company, Atomico. Regarding this new partnership, Ainsley said “this is our first important step in securing financial services. We look forward to doing more as part of this industry. Children are great workers. They can make a big difference in the community. When they board a ship.

As part of this partnership with SVB, the financial institution will provide banking and financial services at the grassroots level within the Colorintech community. Founders in this area will also benefit from the arrival of SVB professionals as well as a large network of investors, CEOs, and professional professionals to support their growth journey.

“The main reason we started was that we didn’t see a lot of tech people like us,” Ainsley said when asked about that first. The company started in 2016 with a plan for Ainsley and founder of free time Dion McKenzie but has grown into a permanent business.

Ainsley described one of the key initiatives that this partnership with SVB would make possible because: “We have created a program called Tulai, where we take a group of 12 entrepreneurs each year and become acquainted with them. various ones such as collecting money or paying off debts.

“We are delighted to have a strong partnership with SVB. Over the years, SVB has been very supportive of supporting some of the most successful businesses to the fullest extent and we are excited to reach that level of support for beginners in the UK. diversity, equity, and integration in their products, services, and people, ”Ainsley continued.

SVB will promote the Colorintech technology community and creative talent as part of its EMEA planting strategy. This will help grow SVB staff and grow new organizations and encourage clients to use the city as a weapon as part of their talent program.

Erin Platts, head of EMEA and president of the SVB UK sub-group: “We are delighted to be Collintech’s partners, as we share the vision of making Europe a world-class place. We have always respected the organization founded by Ashleigh. Dion believes Silicon Valley Bank’s single-source investment and position funding will help the community grow to the next level.

“Usually for beginners, your first customers are friends or acquaintances. People usually know people who are like them and work with people like them. So if you look at business technology, only 3% of black people, so if you look up. 100. you will find that up to 79 of them do not come from the black community. It also goes to Black founders, and at the same time.

Ainsley went on to say: “One of the things that SVB has learned to move forward and gain a better understanding of new and innovative businesses, you can’t work with.

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