European fintech funding booming but could be set to stall

European fintech funding rebounded from its pandemic lull in the first half of 2021, according to a Finch Capital report which nevertheless warns that the boom could stall again next year.

European fintech currencies fell to $ 155 and a half in the first half, rising from $ 5 billion in the second half of 2020, Finch said, through the ruling B2B businesses, accounting for 65% of the capital.

Europe, however, was a large region, with five percent of the negotiations seeing more than 65%, like a big buffalo like Klarna and a fast-growing government.

Finch predicts that the fintech explosion could stop in the new year, citing four areas: fighting for talent will add value; declining public markets and IPOs; increasing control; and tax increases.

Radboud Vlaar, front manager, Finch Capital, said: “We expect the fintech environmental market by 2022 to be a visual and fast-moving building that has successfully withstood the 8-10 cycle last year.”

On the other hand, CB Insights released their current report, showing the $ 91.5 billion that the country has invested this year, about double the total amount spent in 2020.

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