DR Bank is proud to partner with the Bombas brand through its in-house Giving Initiative, which has donated a thousand pairs of Bombas socks. Bombas is a kind of comfort-focused, digitally born environment that provides first aid and helps those in need. The company was founded in 2013 because socks are the most sought-after clothing no. 1 for the homeless.

DR Bank decided to donate these socks to two local organizations, Persona and the New Contract Center.

Person to Person Darien, CT, is located in Fairfield County, an affordable office that provides groceries, clothing, storage plans, emergency assistance, and more for anyone in need. “We are very grateful to DR Bank and Bombas for this very good donation. These socks are very nice, and comfortable and the people we work with are very grateful for them. We are very grateful to this company and everyone. The volunteers who returned to this company – Nancy Coughlin, managing director.

The New Covenant Center is a Stamford CT organization that provides food and services to the homeless. “The New Covenant Center is grateful to receive a gift from DR Bank for 500 adult socks and their collaboration with NYC clothing company Bomb. DR Bank has always supported New Covenant and we are pleased with them.” – John Gutman, CEO.

“The opportunity to work with a social organization like Bombas to help two major local charities is a great opportunity for the bank! has donated money to local charities in Fairfield County since we opened its door in 2006. We hope we can do more.” – John Barbalaco, Director and bank manager.

DR Bank

DR Bank is headquartered in Darien and has a branch office in Rowton. They provide both customer service and local banking and financial services administration, as well as high-tech banking.

Whether you’re passing by or on your way to banking, their team of experts is ready to help. They are committed to long-term relationships and offer the comfort and financial services you expect from a large bank with incredible rates, security, and personal attention you won’t find anywhere near your home.

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