DocuPhase Releases New Vendor Payments Capability for its AP Automation Solution

DocuPhase LLC, a business management software provider for business automation solutions, will continue to expand its core components and functionality to provide customers with complete automation.

DocuPhase is pleased to announce the addition of payroll as a new potential for its AP automation solution. The exhibition will be held in conjunction with the IOFM APP2P Autumn Conference, where finance professionals will learn about the best software tools in the classroom.

Automated payments make it easier for an organization to pay customers, alleviate the difficulty of their payment process, and enable better payment flows in four ways. Eliminating the need for double-checking or manual entries ensures accurate charges to make payments quickly. Fast, consistent, and visible B2B payments not only allow users to meet their monetary needs but also save money by reducing quick payments and strengthening customer relationships.

Dan Gaertner DocuPhase CEO 

Upon receipt of the invoice, OCR will identify and remove all relevant information before DocuPhase confirms the tripartite match to verify the accuracy of that information. Then, along with the necessary resources, the new fees will be submitted to the respective team member for approval by the four rules. Agreed specialties – speed up the process while ensuring compliance.

The payer can automatically issue payments in the manner required for each account in question. Electronic money is easier and not only faster and more secure than paper checks but can save both users and customers in the long run.

And if something goes wrong in the process? The system detects an error, marks the invoice, and issues a special warning – eliminating costly errors and saving valuable time that could be spent checking for document errors.

It has been proven to save organizations time and money by simplifying the processing of payments from invoices and adjustments, even offering payroll. Contact us today to find out how DocuPhase’s new automated AP and trading system can update your database.

About DocuPhase

DocuPhase is an entry-level data management, accounting, and business process system. Automated workflow tools give customers a simple interface that can be extended even to the most complex operations. For 20 years, DocuPhase has helped clients in finance, manufacturing, government, nonprofits, and many other businesses succeed in their organizations.

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