Data Mynt Crypto Payment Gateway Now Live On Bitcoin Lightning Network

Data Mynt, the world’s fastest-growing cryptocurrency payment gateway, has launched support for its fourth-largest blockchain network, the Bitcoin Lightning Network, in recent months. In addition to Polygon Network, Ethereum Mainnet, and Bitcoin wallets and devices, Mynt Data now allows wireless payments to and from all Lightning Network-enabled wallets. Coin data vendors and partners, numbering in the tens of thousands by the end of the second quarter of 2022, will now receive and send payments from all Lightning Network-supported wallets, such as Cash App and Strike.

Bitcoin is the most popular digital in countries such as El Salvador and the most widely used digital among household names, including Twitter, PayPal, and Whole Foods.

Data Mynt is emerging as a global leader in cryptocurrency payments and supports all major blockchains, all allowed wallets, and cryptographic options for their owners.

The Data Mynt Gateway enables retailers, investors, and businesses to expand their payment options to their cryptocurrencies, investors, and partners. At the same time, it reduces processing costs and eliminates conflicts such as billing and cryptographic price fluctuations.

“Every day, Bitcoin is less about a store of value and, arguably, the currency-of-choice for day-to-day utility.” 

                                                                                          Data Mynt CEO Alex Christian.

“The Lightning Network is the key to unlocking the user experience and scalability for BTC payments that the entire world was waiting for.” “Data Mynt’s leadership in adopting Lightning will help bring Bitcoin to the next billion people around the world.”

                                                     Elizabeth Stark, CEO, and Co-Founder at Lightning Labs.

About Data Mynt
Data Mynt is the global payment processing gateway. Its portfolio, asset, and blockchain agnostic suite of solutions provide affiliates and merchants with an omnichannel method to receive and send online cryptographic payments without the hassle, risk, and traditional pricing methods. The Mynt Data payment solution is also designed to streamline performance through an API, a printed website, an iFrame, and a vendor application, while continuously delivering seamless customer information to hundreds of thousands of vendors.

About Lightning Labs
Lightning Labs is building the next generation of decentralized, resilient financial buildings. We believe in systems based on cryptography, blockchains, and smart contracts that promote global financial integration on an unprecedented scale, both on a large and small scale. We have developed the Lightning Network Daemon (and), the most advanced and improved friendly performance of the Lightning Network protocol. Together with Neutrino, the open platform allows mobile users to make blockchain and Lightning Network transactions quickly and easily.

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