Creonik Launches To Help Creators Build and Monetize Communities Via Crypto Subscriptions

Creonik launches its platform to allow developers to build their communities and monetize them with crypto. Available in beta, Creonik is powered by the expertise of Calypso Group, a crypto-native fintech ecosystem for businesses.

In 2021 Patreon reported that there are more than 200,000 creators worldwide who earn a value of more than 200 billion dollars per year. The wealth of creators still lacks a reliable way to receive payments and donations in crypto Creonik aims to solve this. The company offers influencers the opportunity to receive cryptocurrency from their followers in a safe, fast, and easy way.

Creonik focuses on supporting influencers and creators to build private communities for their followers starting with Discord. There are already more than 6.7 million active servers on Discord – the program itself has become a place of choice not only for gaming but also for other communities, including crypto. Creonik enables creators to provide exclusive content and private channel access to fans for a monthly subscription fee. Users can register with just a few clicks and pay with USDT, USDC, DAI, FRAX, or other stablecoins. Through a gated Discord channel, creators can share access to podcasts, blog posts, newsletters, and any other content.

This platform offers low commissions: producers earn less than $200 per month free of any fees, and for larger amounts, the platform charges 5%. Creonik provides automated support features in Discord, and is fully compatible with Patreon, meaning creators can use both platforms simultaneously to grow their communities.

“We want to help creators build their own private communities and provide exclusive content to their fans in a crypto-native way. Creonik already solves the underlying technical challenges from payments management to access gating, Our goal is to let creators make a living with their content sustainably while disrupting the current state of influencer monetization to adapt it to web3 reality.”

– Maxim Kudriavtsev, CEO at Creonik

Calypso Group aims to bring modern fintech knowledge to the world of the web3 and help projects to receive, send and track payments in a simple and consistent way, We guarantee the security of the transactions made with the Creonik service and we strongly believe in the ability. of the platform to make mistakes. gift industry worldwide, says Svyatoslav Dorofeev, CEO of Calypso Group.

We see the great potential behind the solution offered by Creonik, and we are happy to support this project by providing resources and assistance in development, design, analysis, and marketing. We believe the company will bring real value to developers around the world and are proud to be a part of their journey, says Bulat Ganiyev, co-founder and Managing Partner at Technokratos.

Calypso Group was formed earlier this year after Calypso Pay and TheWatch joined forces to build a crypto-native fintech ecosystem for businesses. Calypso Pay is a high-volume crypto processing platform that allows you to receive and process payments in a fast and secure way. TheWatch creates a WatchBlock that handles the tracking and monitoring of transactions and provides insights into transaction data, purchase history, and risk management. The group enables businesses to accept payments in crypto, verify their origin for regulatory purposes, and accelerate payments and payments.

Creonik is fully powered by the expertise of Calypso Group – the launch of the program shows that our technology solutions can be scaled and used to bring value to industries, We will continue to work hard aiming for further innovation, says Alexey Korneev, President of the Board and co-founder of Calypso Group.

About Creonik

Creonik may create communities on the Creonik platform and use cryptocurrencies to monetize their work. It enables influencers to provide premium communication and material to subscribers who are prepared to pay a charge. The procedure is set up in a few clicks, and users may quickly and simply pay using DAI, FRAX, USDC, USDT, or other stablecoins. It is in beta and focuses on assisting influencers who create exclusive Discord groups for their followers. Calypso Group, a business-focused financial ecosystem built on top of cryptocurrency, provides the technology that enables Creonik.

About Calypso Group

A crypto-native finance environment for businesses is being built by Calypso Group. It offers a wide range of goods and services that assist users in accepting cryptocurrency payments, verifying their origin for legal considerations, processing payouts, and managing payroll. Even for subscriptions and payments to merchants and employees, Calypso Pay makes it easy to acquire cryptocurrency. Additionally, it enables its users to sell products and services by regularly collecting recurring payments and subscriptions in cryptocurrency. WatchBlock offers transaction surveillance and monitoring along with insights into transaction data, past purchases, and risk management.

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