Coinbase calls for the new crypto regulator

Fresh from a tussle with the SEC, cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has called for the creation of a new US regulator to oversee digital assets.

Faryar Shirzad, Coinar’s chief consultant, says in a blog post that while digital assets make an important contribution to the livestock market economy, legislation passed in the 1930s makes it easier for those who care about our finances but don’t think seriously. . “

The analyst’s response to the cryptocurrency is in a document called Digital Asset Strategic: Securing US Financial Management (dApp).

This document requires the financial management of a financial institution and has only one authorization. This new foundation should have three objectives: clarification; protection against theft and market fraud; and increasing market success and resilience. Finally, the new law should promote unity and fair competition.

Coinbase was closely associated with judges, particularly the SEC, which recently accused the company’s chief executive of Brian Armstrong’s adultery, adding that he refused to meet him in Washington earlier this year.

Last month, the company dropped its dividend yield two weeks after it was announced that the SEC was threatening to investigate.

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