CaixaBank preps tech integration with Bankia

CaixaBank IT team is set for a fraught weekend as it begins its technological integration with recently-acquired Bankia, unifying the computer systems of both banks as well as the data stored on them.

CaixaBank received a green light from regulators in March to buy state-owned Bank for EUR4.3 billion, making it the largest bank in Spain. At the moment, it is preparing for a major integration of the technology reflected in the national financial system.

Starting when the branches close on Friday and end on Monday, the service will provide data to 7.6 million Bankia customers with a volume of 10.4 petabytes, which is equivalent to 45 times the maximum Spotify storage or 1.8 billion high-quality MP3 format.

Altogether, 2.5 billion cards, printed on paper, will be home to more than 20,000 football stadiums.

Once the process starts, the Bankia website and app only allow customers to track their quantity. When the process is complete, all numbers will be transferred to CaxaxaBank automatically.

Bankers will be able to enter and view their current status before making the security checks required by their phones. They will also be given an online tutorial on how to use CaixaBank.

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