BVNK launches digital asset financial services platform

A London-based digital asset financial services platform called BVNK has launched, promising to remove the barriers that prevent businesses and financial service providers from realizing the benefits of cryptocurrencies.

BVNK aims to make cryptocurrency available, helping its customers handle banking, payment, and digital marketing transactions from a single account.

The account manager is assigned to the ‘Know Your Business’ function to enter GBP / EUR / USD and wallet numbers. Companies can control payments, exchanges, and payments from a single account.

The network also adopted the BVNK Idea, which allows employees from their headquarters to work and earn; and BVNK Marketing products for electronic products. The startup also released BVNK Light, which provides smart marketing to help consumers make smarter choices.

The new project is led by Jesse Hemson-Struthers, former Director-General of Coindirect, which provides an external move led by digital assets into new markets.

Hemson-Struthers said: “In a world of low wages and traditional values, digital assets are rising rapidly. Not surprisingly there is a clear interest in markets.” Financial services are based on global cryptocurrency.

It will be a long time before big banks can be used in big banks. Currently, there are still crypto standards for key employees – that is, in a small number of retail stores or groups of billions of customers.

“BVNK hopes to seize that opportunity in the middle of the market and become a ‘go-to’ choice between fast-growing businesses and partners in a variety of financial activities.”

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