Blockchain can be a boon for green finance – BIS

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) Innovation Hub is reporting a positive case for the use of distributed ledger technology in streamlining the green bond issuance process while making it easier to track projects’ positive environmental impact.

In partnership with the Hong Kong Financial Authority, BIS in August launched a partnership with six partner companies to learn about green seal certification, grant investment permits to small businesses, and monitor environmental performance.

Called Project Genesis, a platform that integrates blockchain, smart contracts, networking, and software tools to build a digital platform that allows teams to sell complex colors to vendors see the app.

An example of a life cycle is a typical demonstration of four consecutive episodes. Beds, which include basic craftsmanship, sharing, awards, and high school skills. The second example shows similar methods using a wide block structure.

Bénédicte Nolens, director of the Hong Kong Innovation Hub Center in Hong Kong, said: “It’s full time to make money.” -in real-time in an easy-download app. This software plan will help reduce costs and time and should allow for more. Mali.”

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