BBVA Switzerland launches Next Gen digital investment account

Swiss BBVA is launching a digital plant platform that allows customers to create revenue based on topics such as climate change and technology including 3D printing on the go.

Called NextGen, the account provides a list of companies and funds planned to do eleven issues including economic size; and technologies such as robots and autonomous vehicles.

The bill aims to test the financial viability of major banks such as Warren Buffet and allow farmers to invest in similar funds such as stocks or investors.

BBVA is committed to working with innovative designs and technologies that can attract customers with selected interests such as family.

A new Gene Account allows customers to invest in a good, transparent and committed investment because at BBVA we believe that today’s investment will shape the future,” said Alfonso Gómez, President of BBVA Switzerland.

Consumers use most online banking services in dollars, euros, or Swiss francs. They also have a wallet to store, buy and sell bitcoins, all related to the software.

To get the next money from GenGen, customers must be at least 18 years old, reside in the EU or Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, or Chile, among others, and deposit more than $ 10,000.

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