American Express® Launches New Fully Digital Business Checking Account for U.S. Small and Mid-Sized Businesses, with First-Ever Amex-Issued Debit Card

American Express®, a major retailer of small business cards at US3, today announced its new Business Audit account for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). This Business Search Software offers secure, high-performance, and low-cost software with APY competition of 1.1% at a rate of up to $ 500,0002. This deposit is attached to existing American Express Credit Cards and comes with a Business Credit Card, originally issued to the US by American Express.

By 2022, Business Survey customers will be able to recover Reward® Membership and repurchase them to invest in Business Analysis accounts4.

The deal expands American Express® business in and out of the card, in line with the acquisition of Cabbage, FinTech provides financial solutions to small businesses.

Small and medium-sized businesses in the United States can now apply for a new Business Research investment within 10 minutes, and, if approved, receive all of the original photos listed below.

• Welcome Bonus: New Business Survey customers will receive a $ 300 deposit as a bonus1 bonus.

• Competitive APY: Profit from the top APY is 1.1% equivalent to $ 500,0002.

• No monthly fee: Enjoy $ 0 per month adjustment and no refund required.

• Access to ATMs through Moneypass: American Express has partnered with MoneyPass® to provide customers with 37,000 free ATMs and Business Search for ATM withdrawals and cash accounts.

• Supports a variety of services: Access to a complete set of available and scheduled payment options including Credit Card, Bill Payment, EMPA, telephony, and check.

• Express Credit Card: View your current American Express and business cards View all accounts in one place. Starting in 2022, Business Survey customers will be able to earn Redemption scores and re-purchase funds in their account auditing business4.

• Procedure: Enter and receive a decision within 10 minutes – all without going into the bank branch.

• Easy and easy to use: Manage your account with a permanent iOS device, including the ability to store phone surveillance.

• Vision-based access: Allow your team members to view your Business Review account. Another principle of expansion is in effect by 2022.

• Reliable courier service: To get 24/7 support with American Express only, just call or click away.


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