Amazon and Visa bury the hatchet over UK credit card fees

Amazon and Visa have reached a “global agreement” that will allow customers to continue to use their Visa credit cards on the Amazon UK website.

The e-commerce giant initially planned to stop accepting Amazon and Visa credit cards issued in the UK from 19 January due to rising shipping fees before the last-minute U-turn.

In an e-mail to customers 48 hours before the deadline, Amazon said the move “will not take place on January 19” and that “it is working with Visa on a viable basis”.

The response seemed to come out quickly, both sides announcing an agreement.

Amazon has released a statement saying it will not cancel Visa credit cards from

In addition, customers in Australia and Singapore will no longer be charged for additional use of a Visa credit card.

A spokesman said: “We recently entered into an international Visa agreement that allows all customers to continue to use their Visa credit cards at our stores. Amazon remains committed to providing consumers with a simple and affordable payment experience. “

Visa backed Amazon and announced a “big, global deal” with the online retailer.

A Visa spokesperson said: “This agreement includes the acceptance of Visa for all Amazon stores and locations today, as well as a joint commitment to partnering on new product plans and technologies to our customers will have access to future payment experience. “

The conflict between the two family names originated in Brexit. In the UK, the EU-tariff cap will no longer apply to card issuers and both Visa and Mastercard will add additional fees as a result.

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