Amadis Chosen by eMcREY for SoftPos Payment Solution

Amadis, a global software developer, market leader in EMV Level 2 card processing solutions, and Nexo’s acceptance of payment processing applications, has been selected by EMcREY as a player. Amadis will provide McREY with its credit card processing software, which will allow it to be accepted worldwide at no cost to integrate on-demand trading equipment (COTS).

EMcREY’s SoftPos allows its customers to receive payments from Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and MADA (the leading credit card payment market in Saudi Arabia). Softs, EMV software-only payment processing applications, converts mobile phones into non-compliant payment acceptance. Through the Amadis program, McREY was one of the first companies to allow for the adoption of all programs without global integration into one paid application, overcoming inefficiencies in other SDKs., at a reasonable rate.

Amadis offers the most versatile, scalable, EMV Level 2 payment processing capabilities in the industry, along with a high-performance and multi-platform Nexo-common pay application. With the Amadis app and EMcREY’s SoftPos mode, customers get instant recognition on the millions of Android phones that can use NFC, tablets, and smart devices.

“Amadis gives us the expertise to support wireless payment systems around the world,” said Rawad Richa, McREY Chief of Development. “This will allow our customers to set up acceptable and fast payment solutions while maintaining a rapid response to market changes.”

About eMcREY

EMcREY has extensive expertise in paid design and performance promotion. Our solutions extend across the entire payment system and help customers build a world-leading community.

Since 2005, eMcREY has assisted clients in the payment, government, power, and transportation sectors with technology to move accelerate, and secure communications. We bring our Apex suite of proven solutions with low-grade capabilities from paid software partners. EMcREY solutions include Card and Signal Management, Third-Party Adjustment, Regulatory Systems Communication, National ACH and RTGS, Payment Hubs Development, Banking Technology, Financial Technology, Conflict Resolution, Compliance, Steps and Disputes, Data Management, Mobile, Integrity, and Big Data Analytics with open migration and Oracle blockchain/cloud solutions. With offices in Cyprus, Dubai, Lebanon, Canada, and Saudi Arabia and a team of 300 professionals performing complex solutions for a variety of clients, McREY Mastercard Platinum Digital Vendor, Visa Certified Vendor, IBM Enterprise Partner, an Oracle Platinum Partner.

About Amadis

Amadis is a leader in software development, with applications for applications on more than 15 million devices worldwide. The company provides innovative technology, systems, and solutions to global clients, payment processors, and operating systems. Amadis offers retailers a wide variety of EMV Card options using modern technology or business model, standalone equipment, operating system, or map. The company has introduced a dedicated team of software, industry information and enables solutions for foreign clients in more than 23 countries.

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