SIDTM’s E-Series demystifies the ever-evolving FinTech domain in association with ETPrime

In recent years, India has relentlessly pursued its corporate vision and aggressively merged with new companies. According to reports, the country is now one of the 50 most innovative economies in the world, with the third-largest start-up ecosystem and a robust 21 unicorn worth $ 73.2 billion. Despite the great pandemic and looming crisis, India will see seven new unicorns in 2020, while it is more likely that 50 will get into the car by 2022. One of the most important forces in the country’s early growth history was Fintech.

Following the successful launch of the Virtual E-Series, the Symbiosis Digital and Telecom Management Institute (SIDTM) Pune Entrepreneurship Cell, part of Symbiosis International (Best University) in partnership with ET, launched the second part of the launch. . another exciting journey that aims to improve the initial culture among students.

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