WhatsApp Chatbot Can Help Customers in 2021

Ways WhatsApp Chatbot Can Help Banks Serve Customers Better:

Customers today expect perfect service and easy accessibility from the companies they work with. And banks are no different. In fact, poor customer service is one of the main reasons banks are losing customers.

Rapidly evolving technologies are becoming important for optimizing processes and workflows. It is time for banks and financial institutions to adapt to digital transformation to reduce human intervention in repetitive tasks, reduce human intervention in repetitive tasks, increase productivity and accelerate service delivery.

Banking & FinTech is one of the most profitable areas of digital transformation, made possible by advanced technologies and advanced communication standards. A 2019 study by Deloitte also highlights the importance of digitization in the industry, as FinTech continues to grow and the retail bank is rapidly embracing mobile customer experiences.


Simply put, a WhatsApp chatbot is software used in the WhatsApp messaging application. The chatbot is in some cases powered by a certain set of rules or artificial intelligence. The WhatsApp chatbot is also designed to chat with people in the chat. WhatsApp bots can be used by banks and FinTech companies to generate guidance, support, and assistance with the world’s most popular messaging application.

In the extremely competitive banking and FinTech space, where consumers often complain about the lack of clear access to decent customer services and resources, WhatsApp bots can be a real game-changer that can easily communicate with yours. customers. the application they use the most.


Banks and FinTech companies that use WhatsApp chatbots are more likely to communicate with their customers, which mainly revolve around three main areas:

• Customer service

A Gartner survey shows that 85% of banks and businesses will communicate with customers via chatbots in the near future. Another Juniper Research study shows that chatbots can help banks and FinTech players save money by saving billions of man-hours by automating and implementing various chat tools.

WhatsApp business chatbot for banks is an ideal channel to provide customer support as customers don’t have to wait hours/days to solve their simpler questions.

Your WhatsApp chatbot can directly answer all supported questions. If the bot crashes and doesn’t answer a high-level question, it can simply send the question to a human customer service representative in WhatsApp’s easy and simple setup.

• Alerts and notifications

One of the ongoing problems that banks and fintech firms face is the warnings and warnings of their customers.

By sending notifications via the WhatsApp API, banks can increase the chances of customers receiving the notifications they send.

Whether it’s a check or a reminder to pay your next bill via a FinTech app, WhatsApp Bot allows banks and FinTech companies to work more efficiently in their processes.

• Promotions and direct marketing

Using a WhatsApp bot, banks and FinTech companies can sell directly to a large number of users by sending WhatsApp instant messages, which acts as an automated conversation. Banks can, for example, send a special offer to a user and benefit from the automatic start of the bot registration process.

This reduces the risk of losing potential customers due to a poor service experience or the hassle of convincing the user to visit a website.

Simply put, with the WhatsApp bot, banks can build better customer engagement by providing more direct and responsive support.

Furthermore, the WhatsApp chatbot is a smart investment for banks and financial institutions because-

• Ensure consistency with each user through automation.

• WhatsApp bots can work 24 hours a day with minimal human intervention.

• The end-to-end encryption feature of the WhatsApp API makes it completely secure and easy to use when it comes to sending and receiving confidential banking information.

• With 100% delivery capacity and high response, WhatsApp bots always deliver perfect performance.

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