Visa Introduces Crypto Advisory Services to help Partners Navigate a New Era of Money Movement

Visa (NYSE: V), a global leader in digital finance, today announced the launch of Visa’s Global Crypto Advisory Practice, a subsidiary of Visa Consulting & Analytics (VCA) designed to help consumers and partners increase their crypto journey. This comes at a time when digital currency is gaining momentum – according to a survey released today by Visa, the popularity of cryptocurrencies among financial decision-makers has, close to a 94% increase globally.

For financial institutions looking to attract or keep customers for crypto offering, consumers looking to explore NFT, or central banks to study electronic money, understanding the crypto ecosystem is the first important step. With its work on more than 60 crypto platforms, Visa is a global consultant and product specialist with in-depth expertise to help financial institutions assess the availability of crypto, create more robust systems and compare new user experiences and innovations such as crypto reward systems and CBDC -connected customers wallets.


Consumer interest in building cryptocurrencies comes when Visa search proves the value and worth of consumers worldwide. In a new global study, “The Crypto Phenomenon: Consumer Attitudes & Usage,” Visa found that a third of respondents to the crypto – whether a rental car or a trading system. And globally, 40% of certified crypto owners can transfer their old bank to another that offers crypto-related products in the next 12 months.

Examining more than 6,000 financial advisers in eight markets (Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Germany, Hong Kong, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States), the Visa Office survey found the following suggestions:

  • Cryptographic headers are linked. Crypto promotion is widespread in the world at about 94% for researchers with a financially sound family.
  • A key component of using or investing in the crypt: about one in three adults knows who owns or uses a cryptocurrency, and the majority of this segment (62%) say it increased spending last year.
  • Larger advertisements include the economic architecture and reliance on crypt as the future of financial services. The majority of cryptocurrency owners and operators are involved in the “financial system of the future” (42%) and the structure of the economy (41%), all of which are forward-looking.
  • Crypto-integrated cards and attractive cryptographic bonuses. 81% of people who currently have crypt are interested in crypt-linked cards, which allow you to buy and transfer cryptocurrency in stores in the same way as a credit or debit card. 84% as cryptographic bonuses, where you receive crypt as a reward for using your card.
  • Consumers need to switch banks to test cryptographic products. Worldwide, 18% of researchers say they will switch from their old bank to another that offers cryptographic products in the next 12 months. This is especially true for emerging markets, which are jumping 24%. About 40% of consumers who already have a cryptocurrency want the key.

About Visa Inc.

Visa Inc. (NYSE: V) is the world leader in toll-free numbers. Our mission is to connect the world through a highly advanced, reliable, and secure network that enables people, businesses, and the economy to thrive. Our global network solution, Visa Net, provides secure and reliable financial services worldwide and can handle more than 65,000 transactions. The company’s continued focus on technology is a challenge to the rapid growth of digital businesses on any public device and anywhere.

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