Vendorin Rebranded as Corcentric Payments Provider for B2B

Vendorin has announced a restructuring of its B2B payment solution as Corcentric Payments, a global provider of B2B deployment and revenue management software, by 2020. With a new system and under the same integrated framework, a company can now conduct business transactions by trading chain funds, payments, and group electronic purchases. And again, this would mean that you have to spend on these processes.

According to a survey conducted by and Corcentric, approximately 75 percent of CFOs increased the use of digital payments from the epidemic. Financial executives primarily devise payment methods to accomplish their company’s goals. Thus, a Forrester Consulting survey conducted by Corcentric finds that more than 55 percent of financial executives are still struggling with a lack of digital payments, reducing their financial performance.

Vendor’s restructuring as Corcentric Payments began its new payment solutions the following year when the company partnered with Determine, a pay-per-view software provider, Netsend, an e-billing service, and Source One, which specializes in finding services on the ground. . Heart-shaped name. Today, Corcentric can offer a state-of-the-art source of pay-per-view and order-to-cash solution with a B2B owner-paid payment network to help it integrate with reputable service providers. The network includes nearly half a million buyers and sellers. Also, with cloud-based software, payment, and ordering services, Corcentric gives consumers the ability to reduce the risks of inflation and increase the visibility of payment. In doing so, the company aims to generate more than $ 100 billion in annual sales.

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