Validus buys KlearCard platform to bolster upcoming SME neobank

Singapore-based SME-based Validus has acquired KlearCard trading transactions and a cost control platform. No financial statements were disclosed.

Validus said the KlearCard platform, a leading product in the region and a proven market player, will accelerate the construction of the first Southeast Asian neobank to lead SMEs.

The KlearCard platform allows businesses to issue electronic cards as well as cost control. Thus, the company says that to find time and money to save costs and to deal with the dire situation that many SMEs face, there is no definite place to get a total of see.

Nikhilesh Goel, General Manager, Validus, said: “With the construction of KlearCard, we are in a good position to support SMEs to strengthen financial management issues to make it easier for them to grow their business and control their numbers. “

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