Tutuka and Paymentology Create the World’s First Global Issuer-processor Spanning 49 Countries, to Form a New Payments and Card Processing Powerhouse

As Fintech enters the most attractive location on the market, two global manufacturing companies, Paymentology and Tutuka, will work together to build new and affordable payments.

The merger under the Paymentology brand will offer new incentives for financial solutions; provide financial and fintech technology, teams, and information for issuing and processing Mastercard, Visa, and Union Pay cards in 49 countries.

This update incorporates the state of Paymentology, Tutuka’s global reach, and experience. The merger will create more than 270 payroll and electronics operating in all developing and growing markets, serving international customers. 49 in 14 regions – and a significant $ 10 billion in annual sales.

In the past, banks and fintech had to work with many cardholders to enter the global market. Now, with Paymentology, they can integrate APIs, start publishing, and issue cards anywhere in the world. It can move forward quickly, as Paymentology can process shopping cards on a shared hosting company and advertise customers specifically for that person’s sales or other countries – something that is not available in any other activity.

“People want to pay with a real card – sometimes online, sometimes over the phone – but it’s all numbers. Banks, digital banking, and fintech need support and expertise in card issuance and payment management.

About Paymentology

Paymentology is truly the world’s first manufacturing platform to provide investment and fintech technology, teams, and information for issuing and processing cards. Mastercard, Visa, and Union Pay in 49 countries (and beyond). Their high-quality, multi-year design, which offers shared and aggregation capabilities, global coverage, and a wide range of real-time data, sets them apart from payroll managers.

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