Trade starts providing brands, an-linked blockchain

This is the first case of prestigious skincare brands in the world using full blockchain technology for marketing and SCM.

To create a ‘perfect market’, Trade Log focuses on coordinating and marketing the supply chain, eliminating counterfeiting and environmental issues. In particular with IoT and blockchain, Trade Log supports the digital transformation of many companies, especially in sectors such as manufacturing, logistics, and social infrastructure. Trade Log offers excellent services, especially through original products, such as YUBIKIRI  

Recently, many global brands have been forced to take the various offensive and defensive measures, as shown below:

• O2O marketing (offline to online), with the digitization of customer contact moments

• Protect brands against counterfeiting in emerging markets

• Simplified logistics in SCM, which is becoming more advanced every day

However, many brands handle symptomatic criteria and have not yet been able to suggest criteria that cover the entire brand.

To meet these challenges, Trade Log introduced GINZA ‘YUBIKIRI for Microsoft Azure * 5’ in ‘Microsoft Azure * 3’ and ‘Kaleido * 4 BaaS (Blockchain as a Service)’.  Trade Log uses Quorum * 6 as the underlying technology to ensure future confidentiality and scalability, while connecting brands, logistics, e-commerce, and users at the same time

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