Titan Announces Industry-First Cryptocurrency in 2021

Titan Announces Industry-First Cryptocurrency Capital Management Solution for All

the world-class portfolio and investment management service for the daily investor, today announced the launch of Titan Crypto. Titan’s cryptocurrency offering will be the first and only actively managed cryptocurrency portfolio available to all US investors.

Since its launch in 2018, the Titan platform has provided clients with critical investment guidance, combining traditional strategies with modern insights to identify quality investments with no blocks or high lows. Titan is currently processing more than $ 500 million for 25,000 customers, and as of today, new and existing customers who sign up on the Titan Crypto waitlist will have free access from the end of this year.

With the addition of Titan’s cryptocurrency portfolio, clients can now better understand and invest in this growing asset class. The recent volatility in the cryptocurrency markets has only highlighted the need for constant and informed decision-making when it comes to managing cryptocurrency investments. Titan’s investment team conducts in-depth quantitative and fundamental research to identify what they believe are the best cryptocurrency investment options. Titan believes that Titan Crypto can be positioned for attractive long-term returns with minimal correlation to US equities and attractive hedging benefits.

Titan’s entry into the cryptocurrency market offers unprecedented opportunities for non-accredited investors through strategic guidance and training they wouldn’t otherwise have access to, said Joe Percoco, Titan’s founder and co-CEO. “The launch of our actively managed cryptocurrency offering is an important step in our journey to give investors daily access to investment products and experiences previously reserved for the elite.”

Titan recently announced a $ 12.5 million series led by General Catalyst, which provides an elite capital management platform for both accredited and non-accredited investors, all within its mobile app. The company also provides access to services on its platform that previously required a minimum investment of $ 1 million, such as direct access to the portfolio manager. Users can become Titan customers in minutes. Titan won Benzinga’s Advisor of the Year award in 2020, was presented by Apple, and achieved the best performance of Robo Report (# 1 out of more than 60 advisors) four times in a row.

Information about Titan

Titan’s mission is to try to improve the compound growth rate of daily investors. Headquartered in SoHo, New York, it is building the investment management system, with the aim of competing with companies such as Fidelity and BlackRock for a new generation of investors.

* With the launch, Titan Crypto will be available to all US residents except those with a home address in New York. Our sponsor is still awaiting regulatory approval to provide coding to New Yorkers. We will notify all waitlist requests once New York residents are approved for use of Titan Crypto.

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