The educational platform helps investors in 2021

New educational platform helps new investors navigate crypto

School education of Block is an online tool that helps demystify cryptocurrencies and blockchain for new investors. Find out here how it can help you

Crypto has become a widely accepted investment firm, with 100 million holders and a market capitalization that recently increased to $ 2 billion. School of Block wants to help new private investors navigate this extremely volatile blockchain-based economy.

It took a while before Bitcoin got a lot of interest. Some readers may recall that someone at work told stories of a friend who invested a certain amount of money on the internet. The same few readers were probably also eager to lose if the same kind of internet money went up.

As Bitcoin has reached its new daily record in recent weeks and shortly after a noticeable market correction was catalyzed, financial experts discussed coding bubbles, it is rather strange to look back when almost no one knew about decentralized financing. The current code market is anything but a niche – this growing economy has nearly 100 million owners worldwide. In April, Bloomberg reported that the market capitalization of cryptography was more than $ 2 trillion – less than a trillion compared to the UK – while Coinbase traded cryptography on the NASDAQ.

Needless to say, this ongoing encryption saga has attracted a great deal of attention over the past few years, leaving leading companies and private investors interested in the opportunity to capitalize on this booming new economy.

If you’re more than interested in cryptocurrencies, you may know other currencies and tokens besides BTC and ETH, but maybe a little more about wallets, trading, blockchain, miners, warehouses, decentralized finance, KYC, proof of work, proof of engagement, segmentation and tokenomics. Since you are new to this field, there is a lot of new information that may seem overwhelming, and it certainly is.

school block

To facilitate the entry of new private investors, Ledger has launched an online training platform, School of Block, which provides viewers with essential knowledge and information each week to more easily navigate the world of cryptography and blockchain.

Warren Buffet warned that you should never invest in a company you do not know. Although coding and inventory are not exactly the same, it is a good idea to do your research; some of these fundamental terms and concepts are essential for understanding the events that may determine the outcome of an investment.

School of Block is accessible on YouTube and will adequately educate viewers and provide the necessary answers to the questions most mortgage holders may encounter after their first investment.

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