The company Fintech Wise introduces a feature that allows users to invest money invested in shares

LONDON – British technology company Wise on Tuesday launched a fundraiser that will enable consumers to invest in stocks and sell their assets wholesale. The new group of funds through which directors can invest in BlackRock is the Shares Global Equity Index Fund, which consists of a basket of 1,500 large companies worldwide. The funds include Apple, Amazon, and Alphabet. Users can immediately fund or withdraw funds up to 97% with a Wise debit card. The idea is that consumers can keep their money in the store, but also spend and invest in real-time.

“It’s hard to save money in different currencies,” says Christ Käärmann, CEO and Smart Startup.

“It’s one thing to solve this problem by giving customers the opportunity to return their money to us in different places in the same area.”

Wise says that when the market changes, 3% of consumer products are used as a ‘reason’ to prevent a consumer impression from falling into the wrong place. The company has already started marketing the fund to individuals and businesses in the UK, but plans to bring the product to Europe later. Wise, formerly known as TransWWise, started out as an inexpensive platform. Since then, the product’s balance has grown with deposit accounts and more than one credit card linked card. The essay announced more money after it was approved by British officials last year. The company estimates that consumers worldwide have a net worth of $ 4.9 billion.

Boom for the people                                    

Wise’s investment portfolio differs from other fintech platforms such as Robinhood and Revolut, which enable consumers to sell a wide range of products, often without paying commission. Smart consumers are backed with hundreds of dollars and use their products to pay for items or to make money in many different currencies. Intelligence pays 0.55% of the cost of the service and increases by 0.15% of the value of the customer’s assets, deducted monthly.

The money was released after several buyers became known as farmers were looking for other ways to get their money back. Earlier this year, Reddit-sponsored partners came to GameStop, a video game store, to unlock the prize. This is the first production of the product since Intelligence was launched in London this year. Instead of making money in the stock market, employees and corporate investors sell their shares directly to the public. Originally a major victory for the UK, the government plans to change London’s governance system to make it more attractive to tech companies after Brexit.

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