Starling Bank launches ‘Bills Manager’

Starling Bank has released a new feature that enables customers to make specific recurring bill payments from an allotted ‘Saving Space’, separate from their main account.

To start with the new Credit Manager section, customers go to their Saving Center, click on ‘Manage Location’, and then ‘Pay Off Debts from this Site’. They may then consider paying Direct or Permanent Orders from each Opportunity.

Customers receive a notification when they pay their bills and can view the transaction by going to Availability by clicking “View history”. If there is not enough money in their Bills Manager to pay the order, Starling will give the customer three notices the day before payment and twice the next day. If money is not available, the fee is not payable.

Anne Boden, General Manager of Starling Bank, said: “Our clients applied for the job and we did. Being able to manage their finances was our first goal.

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