SEON’s Fraud Prevention Tech Is to Be Used by Asian Financial Institutes Following GBG Partnership

Scammers SEON has announced a partnership with leading mathematician GGG (AIM: GBG) APAC to help businesses prevent fraud and comply with online banking, end-to-end, and online banking requirements. . The Asia Pacific. SEON technology is already integrated into the GGG intelligence center and participates in the availability of public information via email, IP address, telephone, and other social networks to detect fraud.

The Covid-19 trend is growing, and Asian banks around the world report tripling their customer base by 2020 compared to traditional banks. Adult economies such as Singapore and Hong Kong have introduced a high level of precursor, and developing countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Philippines are preparing 70,000 adults to join the Philippines. 2023 to support global funding opportunities. Housing, financial concerts, small businesses, and new banks Gen Z. Banking is also growing rapidly around the world: in Europe, investors expect 5% growth and growth in 2026. The problems of banks like Monzo, Revolt, and N26 have been as serious as traditional banks on the continent.

As Financial Case 4.0 grows, SEON will be able to increase GBG’s effectiveness in combating modern fraud by integrating this information over time and launching more debt data. For example, an email address may indicate that a new user is working on a website, indicating that he or she is a real person, not a fraudulent scam. By combining more than thirty-five public names and digital discs, SEON technology can create a clear picture of companies, allowing them to not only challenge burglars but also greet real customers who may already be laid off. SEON’s results in various business segments around the world remained strong. In some cases, system thefts were reduced by 95% and recovered by 91%.

Suppliers using FI and GBG intelligence benefit from intelligent data mining, which improves the visibility and security of counterfeits, which is enough to reduce FI records, both false and bad. SEON adds that the activities and content of the spy center are not well received by e-mail, telephone, or IP. Because the cost of fraud is much higher than the use of fraudulent means, this partnership helps management increase efficiency by controlling the time spent on control and being able to detect and protect themselves.

SEON Marketing Manager Jimmy Fong found that: SEON AI is adaptable to any business and learns to work to create clear and transparent practices. This makes it a great arrest warrant for all kinds of commercial fraud, be it payroll, gate, new bank, current payment bank (BNPL), gambling, money laundering, and much more. The combination of GGG and SEON as a solution for the future aims to create more services that reduce the risk of theft caused by this disease when it is content and used.”

Dev Dhiman, CEO of APG GGG, said: “To better address the level of exploitation in use, this means access to theft and security, which needs to be continually improved. This partnership with SEON will continue to increase GBG games.”

He also said: “As almost half of GGG’s financial customers operate, it is important that we develop a water supply system to remove some data from fraudulent use. We can better protect our customers and build trust. Between financial companies and their customers. Spy Center continues to expand its network.

In addition to GBG’s artificial intelligence (AI) search system, SEON uses open data and white-collar learning to give companies complete insight and complete control over AI decision-making. Its APAC customers include Grab, Danabijak, ATM Online, Home Credit, 10Bet, and Rob cash.

This partnership is part of GBG’s commitment to maintaining and providing false benefits and personal liability to the API. The GBG Smart Center with integrated SEON is available for APIs in all APAC regions, including Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Thailand.

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