REPAY and Inovatec Systems Corp Expand Partnership to Streamline Funding Process for Lenders

Repay Holdings Corporation, a leader in providing equitable solutions, today announced its expanded partnership. And Inovatec Systems Corp., a leading provider of cloud-based solutions for all financial institutions.

Extending the partnership between REPAY and Inovatec will enable lenders to raise funds for the Inovatec system, which is designed to enable them to access credit quickly. That’s what they’re using right now. Without changing policies, lenders can send money directly to creditors with debit and debit cards, reducing costs and expenses and delaying cash withdrawals as soon as customers. Inovatec companies and financial companies will continue to use REPAY solutions to securely accept credit, debit, ACH, and EFT payments in quadruple numbers. Messenger services technology, including text billing, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), REPAY. cell phones, and online payment gateways.

As a business leader, Inovatec can streamline its lending services and deploy delegates to provide comprehensive services.

Starting in 2022, REPAY will allow Inovatec farmers to issue remote cash receipts, which will increase the likelihood of fishermen making payments.

“We are pleased to expand our partnership with REPAY to accelerate the lending process for lenders and customers,” said Sam Heath, Inovatec’s Chief Financial Officer. “As we continue to find ways to improve US and Canadian loans, REPAY will play a key role in providing the commercial products that our customers rely on from Inovatec, to create more experience. and increase revenue. “


REPAY offers integrated online payment processing solutions for those with unique job requirements. REPAY’s integrated payment technology reduces the complexity of electronic payments to customers while improving customer and business experience.

About Inovatec Systems Corp.

Inovatec Systems Corporation is committed to providing the latest solutions and the best results for North American suppliers. As a leading provider of cloud-based credit solutions, the Inovatec series offers businesses flexible and risky environments. Successful Inovatec pricing hinders trends by allowing investors to pay only for the services they lead.

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