OneSpan helps protect four million Norwegians from financial fraud

OneSpan, one of the most secure bank and merchant accounts, recently announced that OneSpan uses a bank ID as a proven and anti-theft technique to improve the customer experience and help find one in the most widely used in Norway.

Bank ID is your mobile phone ID with a mobile phone supported by the Norwegian government and all banks in Norway used to verify citizenship certificates and make online transactions. Norway uses a bank identifier to automatically enter, view, and sign transactions, including legal fees and reports, across a variety of digital and business services in multiple locations.

Bank ID recently upgraded its mobile phone by integrating OneSpain with the Mobile Security Suite via the Shielding and cloud guarantee application. These solutions warn users, protect users from all types of phone threats and fraud, and improve local information. With advanced solutions, OneSpan offers a secure bank ID environment, which continuously helps the bank improve security and increase instability.

“New, flexible and easy-to-use DNA for Norway as part of a digital nation,” said Jan Janjire, the bank’s development director for ID. “The solid experience and communication skills of the only Spaniard in the financial sector are the key to this great and new initiative. We look forward to the fulfillment of our plan to be reflected in this country. They will remain.”

Another span and Prime Minister Steven Worth said: “We have a partnership with ID Bank in Norway and we now support the vision and implementation of Spanish digital identity and Spanish solutions.” Users invest in financial instruments to present a safe and efficient experience. “

Bank ID is your silly electronic ID for verifying and signing up online. The bank identifier is used by all banks in Norway and can be used by all organizations and companies to search for simple and convenient Internet security. Bank Norway was founded in 2004. In July 2018, Business ID, Vipps, and Bank Axept merged to provide customers and partners with a complete and comprehensive service. Bank ID now owns the phone company VIPs.

Distance helps protect the world from digital fraud, recognizing that people depend on the type, tools, and communication they use. A Span security solution reduces digital fraud and simplifies the prosecution of more than half of the world’s 100 best banks and thousands of financial institutions. Whether it creates self-disclosure and signing contracts, reduces misuse of complete information, or actually saves money, One Span helps lower prices and speed up customer interaction.

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