New Data Mynt Crypto Payment Processing Platform Gives Merchants Simple, Stable Crypto Payments

Merchants and businesses now have a simpler, more secure way to capture cryptocurrency using the new crypto payment processing solution from Data Mynt, a well-known provider of crypto payment systems. Mynt’s data is a strong solution in-store and Cloud-born crypto form payment options for global vendors that are designed to integrate seamlessly.

Data Mynt’s patent-pending technology enables merchants and businesses to increase their payloads to their customers and partners while allowing parties to store more crypto assets while trading publicly from blockchains. At the same time, it reduces the cost of processing and eliminates conflicts such as billing and cryptocurrency prices.

Blockchain, wallet, and asset-agnostic, a new payment processor that allows customers to pay in the way they choose – using their mobile wallet, blockchain, and crypto options. Ethereum Mainnet was the first blockchain to survive.

“You don’t even have to understand crypto to use our payment platform. It’s just a classic win-win. Customers like paying with crypto, and businesses like paying customers, plus the lower fees of crypto transactions.”

                                                                                                  Data Mynt CEO Alex Christian.

About Data Mynt

Mynt Data is a crypto payment processor based in Oakland, California. Its portfolio, asset, and blockchain agnostic solutions provide partners and merchants the Omnichannel method to accept crypto payments for free due to hassle and risk and traditional pricing methods. Mynt Data’s payment platform is also designed to facilitate performance via API, branded webpage, iFrame, and vendor app, while still seamlessly seamless customer experience.

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