MOCA Financial and Data Center, Inc. Enter into a Definitive Joint Marketing and Referral Agreement for a Combined Solution to Benefit Community Banks

MOCA, Data Center, Inc. The first-generation digital banking service provider has launched the Core360® Basic Banking Program, which welcomes four assurances that they have entered into a transaction agreement with the issuer. . MOCA and DCI share the market and offer new solutions with MOCA’s digital first-generation card-based payment platform, which is integrated with DCI’s advanced core processing and iCoreGO® open source technology and financial products suite.

Advanced banking benefits from wireless MOCA and credit card numbers based on physical and color payment cards and four real-time P2P payments, the introduction of network data and DCI funds, and the launch of the iCore360 core processing suite. The integrated solutions of MOCA and DCI are not only valid for the old banks but the integrated technology series can be used to secure part of the technology under the new banknote.

 The MOCA banknote collection platform is a great complement to our core iCore360 and iCoreGO banking technology solutions,” he said. Sarah Fankhauser, President and CEO of DCI.

Due to the low level of involvement, banks see in this confusing answer that DCI and MOCA are expected shortly. DCI and MOCA have taken action to help local banks save and increase their revenues.

About DCI

DCI has developed award-winning iCore360® core banking software with iCoreGO® marketing technology and fintech solutions for public banks around the world. DCI belongs exclusively to the banking group together with the other board members and user directors. DCI also offers undercover ATM/card management, FrontLine * information software, custom search, problem management/sales. , and so on. Other awards included FinTech Rankings over 100 Technologies from DCC IDC Financial Insights, FinTech Forward over 100 Technology from American Banker and BAI, multiple winners of the BankNews Innovative Solutions Award, and certificates from several financial institutions.

About MOCA

Headquartered in Bastrop, Texas, MOCA is a fintech company founded and run by local financial institutions and major corporate payers. With more than 100 years of business experience, the CEO of MOCA has been supplying high-value financial products to corporate banks and credit unions for many years. Our reason for this is simple: We believe that people should not have to choose between the local services you provide, the financial services you provide, and the advanced financial services you provide. We hope you enjoy it all

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