Kenanga Investors Relaunches Funds with Global Focus in 2021

The Kenanga Investors Growth Fund and Kenanga Global Islamic Fund provide investors with global exposure and greater diversification right from the start.

First launched in 2011, the KGGF has been repositioned, shifting its former focus to commodities such as energy, minerals, agriculture, and related industries. The Fund now aims to provide capital appreciation by investing primarily in global equities and equity-related securities, with a secondary focus on a fixed income, structured products, and money market instruments. The KGGF will be compared to the MSCI All Country World Index (“MSCI ACWI”), which facilitates Kenanga Investors’ balance sheet strategy that promotes recovery from structural growth themes and trends.

For KGIF, the main investment objective is to achieve consistent capital growth and income distribution in a diversified portfolio in accordance with Sharia law, although Sharia is in compliance with Sharia law for global equities and equities. The benchmark at the time of resettlement is the Dow Jones Islamic Market World Index (“DJIM World”), which measures the performance of a global universe of investment stocks selected using the Islamic method to comply with Sharia law. Dow Jones Index.

“We re-launched these funds to raise awareness among our customers. By investing in global markets, we will have more room to capitalize on past growth trends such as digitization, electric vehicles, 5G, and even expected growth in post-COVID markets. Indices comparing redistributive funds, the MSCI ACWI and the DJIM World, have also grown steadily over the last decade, despite economic cycles and major economic events, showing that global exposure offers good returns and diversification. . , CEO and CEO.

The firm will pursue an active investment strategy that combines bottom-up investment analysis with macro country analysis and sector allocation in asset allocation. The investment process will be in line with the company’s philosophy of investing in companies that generate earnings growth and provide decent returns on capital and identify undervalued companies. Key areas of focus include 1) business model sustainability, 2) records, 3) growth and earnings visibility, and 4) return on capital.

The funds are suitable for investors seeking capital appreciation over a medium to the long-term investment horizon. The minimum initial investment amount will be RM5,000.00 with each additional investment of RM200.00 per KGGF, while the KGIF will claim RM1,000 as the initial amount with RM100 for each additional investment.

About Kenanga Investors Berhad

We offer investment solutions ranging from collective investment schemes, portfolio management services, and alternative investments to retail, corporate, institutional, and high net worth clients through multiple distribution networks.

Recently, at the Refinitiv Lipper Fund Awards 2021 (Malaysia), KIB won the best overall award for the Islamic Funds Group (Malaysia) and the Provident Funds Awards in Malaysia (Malaysia). The Kenanga SyariahEXTRA fund will receive the “Mixed Asset MYR Balanced – Malaysia” award for three and five years in the Malaysian Islamic funds and Malaysian pension fund categories, while the Kenanga Growth Opportunities fund “Equity Malaysia Small & Mid Caps” for 3 years in the Malaysian pension fund category The Kenanga SyariahEXTRA fund also won the ‘Mixed Asset MYR Balanced – Malaysia’ award at the Refinitiv Lipper Fund Awards 2021 (Global Islamic) for 3 and 5 years.

Hong Kong Asia Asset Management’s top 2021 awards awarded KIB the following categories: Malaysia – Best Equity Manager, Malaysia CIO of the Year, Malaysia – Best Islamic Fund (Equities), and Best House for Alternatives in Malaysia.

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