Global Commercial UAV Market Report 2021-2026

Global Commercial UAV Market Report 2021-2026 with Case Studies for EasyJet, Balfour Beatty, Storm AG Pro, BBC, Amazon Prime Air, Microsoft, and IBM

This report evaluates the UAV ecosystem, including vendors and service providers, with an assessment of strategies, solutions, products, and services.

The report analyzes the UAV market and supports hardware, software, and services. The report also assesses the use of drones and the applicability of UAVs by type, taking into account different usage scenarios, including images, surveillance, and more.

The report shows UAV profits and sales volume by type with the main global, regional, and national forecasts from 2021 to 2026. The report also provides a global analysis of drone applications for use cases of the vertical market, including agriculture, real estate, energy operations, and more.

This report also evaluates key technologies for UAV assistance and provides a market definition for propulsion and propulsion systems, automation systems, collision avoidance systems, airspace protection (including UAV failures), data processing, data on-board, and RRF Spect.

The report also provides further market analysis and forecasts for additional drone applications and services, including the UAV and UAV-as-a-Service ecosystem, with analysis and forecasts for use cases in vertical markets, including maintenance and inspection, filming, and photography. , package delivery and more.

Select the report results:

• Smart urban applications will increase the use of the drone fleet to 32% by 2026

• Drones as a service for scientific research solutions will reach $ 8.1 billion by 2026

• The global market for UAV-powered collision avoidance systems will reach $ 1.1 billion by 2026

• The rotating UAV market will be nearly three times that of drones by 2026

• Industry leading drone as a service solution are high ROI applications powered by the cost elimination of other solutions

• Driven by the growth of unmanned aerial vehicles and safety concerns, the global airspace protection market will reach $ 20 billion by 2026

• The main market for unmanned aerial vehicles is the business and industrial segments, as well as smart urban solutions from local and national governments.

In addition to the above, the report provides an estimate of the impact of UAVs on the global economy. For example, the total economic impact of commercial drone services is estimated to be $ 30.9 billion by 2028, with a CAGR of 50.2% by 2028.

Unmanned antenna systems (UAS) are generally divided into remote systems and systems that operate at least autonomously. As the consumer market becomes increasingly interested in small unmanned aerial vehicles (a subset of all UAS, used primarily for hobbies and recreation), the type and number of UAS applications for commercial applications are rapidly increasing.

The global unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) market includes commercial and military applications. Commercial drone technologies include power and propulsion systems, automation systems, collision systems, airspace protection, data processing, and communication data links, and radio frequency spectrum sources. The commercial drone market segment includes hardware, software, and services. For example, the drone hardware includes fixed-wing drones, boring rotating drones, nano-drones, and hybrid drones.

Leading companies such as Amazon are in the early stages of implementation for the widespread use of UAVs for retail delivery and related logistics. Drones must also be used extensively in public safety, including law enforcement, search, and rescue operations. Furthermore, commercial beekeeping activities are expected to have a major impact on commercial and industrial activities.

Drone-activated services include mapping, surveying, and inspection of critical assets such as wind turbines, utilities, and commercial real estate. Therefore, this study examines independent service companies and companies integrated with communication service providers. For example, Verizon Communications bought Skyward, which offers drone solutions to various companies.

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