Digital payments infrastructure startup Extend raises $40m

New York-based digital payments infrastructure provider Extend has raised $40 million in a Series B fundraising round led by March Capital and backed by B Capital, Point72 Ventures, Fintech Collective, Reciprocal Ventures, Wells Fargo, and Pacific Western Bank.

Founded in 2017 by veteran entrepreneurs with years of experience in favor of Digital payments American Express and Capital One, Extend offers a wide range of software APIs, computer software, and stamp service.

Initiation is directly integrated with major networks and operations – including Mastercard, and Visa – to build a platform to support product development in the major banks built above.

American Express recently announced it is offering its series of Expand SIM cards to millions of Business Owners.

Andrew Jamison, General Manager, Extend, said: “As business adults, we have begun to see how the media has struggled to solve the banking development problems. back then they could not be ‘used to meet the needs of new customers.

“The good thing is that consumers do not want to leave their banks and that is where we come from. By facilitating access to key components of the payment system, we can provide a solution that is available to the public.”

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