Contactless transactions surge in the UK

New data from Barclaycard, which accounts for half of the world’s transactions with credit cards, shows that 91.1% of all credit card Contactless transactions in 2021 were made without consultation, with full payment without a connection increased by 40.2 percent, year-over-year.

The data also shows an increase in ‘touch and go’ customers looking after taking an increase from £ 45 to £ 100 in October 2021, which ended in the UK a decrease of 27.5 percent.

Individually, the average non-handling user made one hundred and eighty payments in 2021, about £ 2,293, an increase from 2020 when users made an average payment of one hundred and forty-one respectively and £ 1,640.

Rob Cameron, General Manager of Barclaycard Contactless Payments, said: “Adding up to the £ 100 pay limit is a good opportunity to eliminate disputes over the purchase of an event. This is especially true in busy stores that quickly create lines win-win for card makers and customers.

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