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Comcast Technology Solutions and PremiumMedia360 Integration Enables Advertisers to Automate TV Data Management Throughout the Media Lifecycle

The integration between Comcast Technology Solutions (CTS) and PremiumMedia360 (PM360) facilitates the exchange of information by advertisers, the automatic scheduling of information transfers, and the resolution of discrepancies between orders and invoices.

Comcast Technology Solutions (CTS), a division of Comcast Cable that provides multimedia and entertainment technology to advertisers, agencies, and content providers, and PremiumMedia360, a leader in television ad data automation, today announced a new strategic relationship.

Integration with the CTS ad management platform allows TV ad buyers and sellers to sync their bids and resolve the ad lifecycle. These new features can prevent lost revenue due to order interruptions and invoice delays. Integration can help save hours normally spent by narrowing the gap between buyer and seller.

“Television media has been and has always been a science for obtaining information for more accurate purchases and more efficient multimedia operations,” said Richard Nunn, vice president and general manager of Advertising Suite at Comcast Technology Solutions. “At the same time, manual imports and the lack of standardization on many systems has been an ongoing challenge to access this data quickly and accurately, along with the glowing screens and video contacts that need to be managed.

For our integration, our collaborating customers have quick access to the information they need and the relevant data they need from the ad management platform, enabling them to quickly optimize and manage the media landscape. Together, CTS and PremiumMedia360 fill the gap. Gap. Workflows and Opportunities … “

“PremiumMedia360 is a company created to automate and simplify the exchange of data between TV buyers and sellers,” said Cordie DePascale, CEO of PM360. This is a need that has become increasingly important with the new changes in the television landscape. New performance and visibility targets, plus more screenshots, ads, and scandals mean more data and faster processing.

The issues, the integration between CTS and PM360, often give our customers direct access to important information to analyze, optimize, execute and report to stakeholders, even in real-time. This is a real win for customers of both companies at an important time in the development of television media. “

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Comcast Technology Solutions offers a portfolio of technology solutions, CTSuite, that provides the technology, scalability, and experience to expand and navigate the rapidly changing media and entertainment technology landscape. We invent technologies that solve industrial challenges, which in turn are possible, and we change things in an ever-changing world.

Based on Comcast’s experience, proven installations, scalable platforms, and infrastructure, Comcast Technology Solutions offers more than 20 years of digital experience and reliable real-time streaming.

About PremiumMedia360

PremiumMedia360 helps ad agencies and sellers buy, sell and collaborate more effectively so they can take control of the data that drives their interaction. Reporting and collaboration tools reduce the time and resources needed to understand where your campaigns are, from order to invoice. The result: publishing records is no longer a problem and has become a source of business information.

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