CapIntel Partners with Canadian Financial Services Leader Equitable Life® to Enhance Experience for Financial Advisors and Customers

CapIntel, a financial technology (Fintech) company that supports wholesalers and financial advisors in their day-to-day workflow by providing enhanced customer service, today announced a partnership with Equitable Life. Leading companies are constantly evaluating how to stay relevant and evolve as the world evolves, and this partnership demonstrates Equitable Life’s commitment to consistently promoting best practices in the financial services industry.

For more than 100 years, Equitable Life has worked with advisors to support Canadians in achieving their financial goals. As a mutual company with no competing interests, Equitable Life’s responsibility and priority remain solely with its customers. CapIntel’s intuitive platform helps Equitable Life fulfill this responsibility by enabling wholesalers and financial advisors to build, analyze and compare portfolios and provide personalized recommendations. CapIntel’s platform streamlines these processes by helping wholesalers and financial advisors engage in stronger and more transparent conversations with customers, resulting in the best customer results.

“We are constantly committed to finding ways to use technology for the benefit of our customers and partners,” said Cam Crosbie, vice president of savings and retirement at Equitable Life Canada. “CapIntel provides an intuitive and powerful platform that our wholesalers and consulting partners can use to grow their business by focusing on the customer experience and developing meaningful relationships.”

Equitable Life’s partnership stems from CapIntel’s partnership with IG Wealth Management and its strategic relationship with Canada Life. This momentum signals an accelerated movement of Canadian financial services executives, increasing their collaboration with fintech companies to improve the advisory and customer experience.

“The value of our platform is evidenced by the fact that Canada is a leader in mutual financial services, such as Equitable Life, using CapIntel to increase the efficiency of its wholesaler and financial advisor,” said James Rockwood, Founder, and CEO of CapIntel. “In today’s digital age, there is a growing desire among financial services companies to work more efficiently using technology. Well-established financial services companies are developing their capabilities through partnerships with fintech, and we are proud to be able to support and accelerate their digital development.”

With more than 10,000 financial advisors and 500 wholesalers currently using the CapIntel platform, Canadians experience the benefits of working with financial advisors who provide an efficient, personalized, and transparent experience.

As this momentum continues in the financial services sector, CapIntel will continue to develop the platform to meet the needs of wholesalers and financial advisors. Most recently, it included the addition of a customer-centric reform (CFR) module, published in the fourth quarter of 2021, to support financial advisers with new enforcement rules.

About CapIntel

CapIntel is a Toronto-based financial technology company that is at the forefront of developing intuitive web-based applications for financial professionals. Founded in 2017, CapIntel’s mission has been to raise personal funds, and a significant portion of that means raising wealth through investment. The CapIntel platform helps financial advisors provide a better service to their clients so that they can better understand their investments and feel secure knowing that their future is secure. CapIntel is changing the experience of more than 10,000 advisors and 3 of Canada’s five largest banks on its platform.

About Equitable Life

Canadians have been turning to Equitable Life since 1920 to defend the most important. We work with independent consultants across Canada to provide individual insurance, savings, retirement, and group benefits to meet your needs.

Equitable Life is not your typical financial services company. We have the knowledge, experience, and ability to find the right solutions for you. We are friendly, caring, and interested in helping. As a joint venture, we are not driven by shareholder pressure on quarterly results. This allows us to focus on governance strategies that promote reasonable long-term growth, consistency, and stability. We are committed to fulfilling our customers’ responsibilities – now and in the future.

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