CaixaBank extends IBM partnership to underpin new Cloud Now service

CaixaBank entered into a partnership agreement with IBM to support the new CloudNow program.

The Bank of Spain hopes to improve its centralized services, improve growth and strengthen its new vision and resilience. Part of the opening of this new annual combined platform is the Spanish representative of IBM Cloud Multizone (MZR) in Spain.

Queens have three or more datasets and each works independently in the event of a deficit. According to BM Cloud, this setting allows us to optimize services while adding security from the bottom up.

“IBM has been a major contributor to CaaixaBank’s energy efficiency development,” said Gonzalo Gortazar, CEO of CaaixaBank.This partnership has enabled us to integrate our current technology – art – into a dynamic environment inspired by science and technology.

CaixaBank and IBM have been long-term partners since signing their agreement before 1970.” IBM’s year and integrated solutions will help CaixaBank strengthen its modeling activities and improve the customer experience,” said Arvind Krishna, CEO of IBM.

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