BofA’s financial planning tool proves a hit

One year since its inception, BofA’s digital tool, Life Plan, has attracted more than five million users.

Available through BofA’s app and website, Life Plan allows customers to choose and value their important goals in any life situation and many areas, including finance, family, health, housing, employment, vacation, and gifts.

Launched last October, it now has more than five million users, whose combined numbers have increased the balance sheet to $ 34 billion.

The five key objectives identified by the Life Plans include Budget and Initiative Savings (35%), Debt Improvement (27%), Reserve Large Purchases (22%), Real Estate (21%), and Retirement Services (18%).

Millennials and Gen Z make up 62% of Planned Parenthoods made, with Gen X and Baby Boomers building 35% and students 20 percent. The service is available in Spanish and is operated by 23% of the bank which provides cash to Spanish language customers.

At the start of the New Year, BofA’s will re-integrate the device with AI-driven to help Erica, to provide customers with insight and steps they can take to help them move forward. Their goals.

“Qualified Planning helps consumers create and implement their well-chosen financial goals showing that if planning is done in real-time, the right insights can drive efficiently and affect people’s financial performance,” he said. From David Tyrie, digital director, and head, global marketing, BofA.

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