Bank of South India brings SIB – OneCard Credit Card

Bank of Kerala South India together with One Card has released SIB – One Card. Advanced Metal Map, SIB – The second map is a lip-based navigation system based on the bank’s vision of digital change. An international card managed by the Visa Signature platform can be fully verified using the Power Card Code program.

The SIB card has many features that guarantee lifetime security and zero-entry and annual fees, 100% digital service, card delivery and speed, payment information, and easy product redemption. The Visa Signature platform based on VC signature provides easy EMI control from the EMI panel to the device. Its current price is the lowest on the market, only 1%.

“Digipak as one of the most sought after banks in South India is the next best credit card product offered to young people in India. There are many relationships with Fintech companies and we are happy to join One Card to launch next-generation credit cards,” said Sri Mural Ramakrishna, CEO, and Bank of South India.

FPL Technologies has announced the launch of the card – Fintech, which aims to digitize payments and pay digitally in India. The company recently released the One Score tool in 2019, which gives people the right to manage and manage their credit information simply and securely no spam. The platform is very popular and has been used by over seven million users in two years.

In the first case, Sri. One Card founder and CEO Anurag Sinha said: “Working at the Bank of South India fits our vision of smart banking” among the first experienced Indians. On the other hand, in addition to flexibility and flexibility, we offer the customer complete control over all aspects of debt and repayment. “

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