Children’s exposure to harmful ads continues to decline

The number of harmful TV adverts, such as for alcohol, gambling, and products high in fat, salt, or sugar (HFFS), has continued to decline according to new figures from the Advertising Standards Authority. The report follows research is conducted over a four-year period, which found children’s exposure to TV ads declined by 29.7%, falling from 229.3 ads per week in 2013 to 161.2 in 2017. By 2017, only one of the ads a child saw each week for alcohol products while only 2.8 ads promoted gambling products and 9.6 were for HFSS products. Figures for 2018 now show children’s exposure to those ads remaining at broadly the same levels, with their exposure to HFFS products falling to just eight per week while exposure to gambling ads fell to 3.2 per week.

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