To compete in today’s increasingly volatile markets, you need an intelligent pricing system. Imagine being able to “listen and adapt” to changing business conditions, intelligently execute pricing strategies, and dynamically adjust them. You’d be able to maximize profits and capture them on the fly.

Now you can – with Pricefx, the provider of a leading cloud- native pricing platform. The Pricefx Optimized Dynamic Pricing solution, an SAP® endorsed app, is a comprehensive, cloud- native platform supporting the pricing journey, from setting optimal prices to maximizing your pricing power. Integrated artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) enable you to test the impact of future pricing changes before imple- menting them.

Pricefx integrates with internal and external data sources – including SAP software systems – and employs advanced AI to help you optimize pricing, manage off-invoice changes and agreements, and realize profitability goals in real time. Use it to evolve your pricing strategy from static to AI-driven so you can build a culture of pricing excellence, identify and execute quick wins, and realize increasingly attractive returns over time.

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