Visionary tech entrepreneur and investor

As the first investor in SpaceX and Angel at the Founder Institute of San Francisco, the largest stock accelerator in the world, he proves that BNK301 CEO Steven Muccioli is a man of vision.

The entrepreneur and technology investor is now facing the new challenge of launching the first new bank, San Marinho, with the expectation that it will reach a value of one billion euros in the first three years.

Muccioli was born in San Marino and returned to the country after ten years to launch the BNK301, which offers integrated financial services and the issuance of characters in the B2B model. He considers himself the first of many as his goal is to open FinTech banks beyond the borders of the European Union and in emerging markets, from Central Asia to North Africa.

The Financial Technology Report rewards him as one of the 25 best CTOs in the world in the FinTech sector and he is selected as one of the 150 FinTech leaders and influencers in Italy. He is also the founder and CEO of the venture capital firm SM Capital.

Muccioli was also the founder of Ventis, a Fintech company sold to Grupo Iccrea Banca, and co-founder of the award-winning startup SportTech Golee and the sustainable fashion company KNIIT Milano.

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