Smita Gupta, Global Head of Platform Ecosystem, Finastra

Gupta joined the company in 2016, which she describes as “Open banking is starting to gain momentum.”

For her, it was always clear that Finastra was making a very different proposition in the world of fintech: “ I saw an incredible opportunity to establish the APAC marketing organization and bring together several innovative digital marketing technologies, such as the launch of WeChat China. . She started as marketing director for Finastra in the APAC region (based in Singapore), she moved to London in 2019 and developed her current role there.

With extensive experience from some of the largest technology companies in the world, including Cisco, Akamai, and Tata Communications, Gupta understands not only the business value of Finastra solutions and software but culture as well. “Finastra is an excellent technology that values diversity,” she says, “both in terms of people and the experience we bring in the field. I encourage my team to develop a vision that embraces an environment of innovation Promote.”